Grace Rachmany

Grace Rachmany is one of the leaders in the areas of new economic models, digital democracy, tokenomics, blockchain governance and distributed technology. She currently serves on the Supervisory Council for the SingularityNet DAO and as the lead specifications creator for DAO. Grace is an expert in practicalities of how to lead a decentralized/distributed organization, having worked with hundreds of organizations in the blockchain space. Her background in technology leadership, innovation, and marketing spans 35 years. Grace provides workshops and consulting services for DAOs through DAO Leadership and The Design School for Regenerating the Earth.


Reputation for your projects: disco, otters, oranges, hats, and passports
Grace Rachmany

Reputation is a core primitive for DAOS, and a number of on-chain and offchain tools are now available for providing reputation and certification. We'll review tools and develop approaches to reputation for your project.

Developer Ecosystem & Tooling
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Death Economics: Why Crypto Can't Solve Social Problems
Grace Rachmany

Money is not a store of value. It's a store of anti-value. Wars, ecological destruction, and inequality are direct results of the Economics of money. Cryptocurrencies say that they are doing social good, but are they?

Societal Challenges
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